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Thank you all for your vote and great support!

I still feel good about getting ~ 41% in-spite of remote campaigning for most of the time. I will continue as a volunteer contributing towards City of Sammamish projects. This campaign brought awareness of what we residence can do to save the Sammamish wildlife and its greenery. Besides that, people are aware of my elephant projects to save its critical habitat. They expressed support to solve some of the difficulties gentle giants are faced with.

This world is our home, inspiring people to support/volunteer for local and international projects is also a victory for me.

A Bit About Me

I am a happily married devoted wife and mother and have lived in Sammamish for 23 years. Having grown up as a child in India and as a longtime resident of Sammamish, I have given support to causes that share my deep love for nature, and my drive for uplifting marginalized groups.

In recognition of my contributions to the city of Sammamish, I was honored to receive the prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award in 2022. 

After my last position with Microsoft, I took early retirement from professional career to focus on my volunteer and partner working with non-profit organizations.  I am now dedicated, with your vote, to making a positive impact as a City Council Member for Sammamish.

Throughout my volunteer work, I have actively contributed to causes that resonate with me. Mainly bringing fresh water to the Elephants of India along with other passions like advocating for the education for girls and engaging with local organizations such as the Sammamish Stewards, I have developed a strong commitment to caring for Community.

My expertise in marketing and international business, acquired through my 2 MBA degrees, empowers me to bring forth fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and an unwavering commitment to shaping a better future for all residents, mirroring the impact of my volunteer work.

Together, let's build a vibrant and inclusive community that thrives in harmony with nature.

Thank you for your interest, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to connect. Let's work together to shape a brighter future for Sammamish.

Contact me with any questions:

Left to Right Venky Uma Rahul

Family L to R: Venky, Uma, and Rahul

Sammamish Stewards - Volunteering @ Earth Day Booth

Preserving Nature
and Empowering Communities 

Since the age of five, my love for nature and people has been deeply ingrained within me. Growing up, my family travelled across various forested areas in India allowed me to witness firsthand the importance of conservation and the impact it has on the lives of tribal communities residing on the forest edges.

Together, we worked on projects that aimed to preserve the natural world and uplift the lives of those in need by building schools and medical facilities. 

Today, I carry forward this passion for preserving nature wherever possible and creating opportunities for people in need.

Sammamish Stewards - Volunteer Work Party @ Lower Commons

Sammamish Stewards - Received 2022 President's Volunteer Service Award 

Love my city and the community


My Journey of Service filled with Compassion

As a dedicated volunteer, I have actively served the community through my involvement with organizations such as the PTA and as a executive board member of Indian American community Services/IAWW (India Association of Western Washington), where I played an instrumental role in organizing and managing numerous impactful events. 

Additionally, I have lent my support to Kidvantage (also called Eastside Baby Corner), that work tirelessly to support children in need.  I volunteered for Habitat for humanity, cooked and served food for homeless. I have also had the privilege of assisting Vegan Outreach in their events and presentations, promoting a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

Together, let's continue to make a positive difference in the world, preserving our natural treasures and extending a helping hand to those who need it most.

Current activities

Sammamish Stewards:

I have adopted Windham Square Pond as part of our communities Adopt-A-Pond program. I lead the restoration projects (planting native pollinator plants/restoring/maintaining) work parties every week . 

I also volunteer with other storm water pond restoration projects such as Lancaster, Lower Commons, Illahee and more, to protect and promote the natural environment as a  Sammamish Stewards. 40% of pollinator species on earth may be at risk of extinction in the coming years due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change. 

Besides actually putting my hands in the dirt, weekly, for the city of Sammamish, I also educate and guide  (example work happening in - ) about native pollinator gardening to bring awareness of our pollinators crisis. Please click here to see one of my presentations on Native Pollinator Gardening. 


Region 6 (US Northwest) Enviro-Care:

Enviro-Care is a project undertaken by groups located worldwide and whose mission is to plant one million trees this year alone.  I am the coordinator for the Pacific Northwest groups.  We have currently undertaken the reforestation/restoration project of Clark Beach Park. 


Projects in India: 

I actively support Voice of Strays (Cattle, Dogs, Cats etc.) in India and am very much involved in wildlife conservation projects. Specifically saving critical habitats for Indian elephants by building/repairing water catchment tanks, thus reduce conflict with farmers.

My Community: 

I am an HOA volunteer for 20 plus years because community starts at home.  I held every position in HOA consistently every year. Over the course of time as more volunteers came aboard, I  trained them into the positions. In doing so was able to ensure the stability of the HOA and allows me to do my most favorite position, which is being a volunteer to take care of the common areas - gardening and creating native pollinator beds. 

Other Services and Volunteer Participation:

Saving critical habitats of Indian elephants

To Create native pollinator garden,
visit my presentation

Taking my volunteer interests to the next level. 

To Make a bigger impact for Sammamish, where I love to live.

GOAL: Building a Safe, Sustainable, and Inclusive Sammamish 

The city of Sammamish is a beautiful community which has great gifts of nature and wonderfully diverse people.

The on-going work of Sammamish Stewards

Nature worth protecting just outside my window

My Priorities for a Strong Community
The items listed below are all equally significant.


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